Universal Studios by H.Chisholm

3 Apr

Just wanted to give you a little taste of an entertainment attraction that we love here in LA! Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park, but it also has the City Walk which is very fun! This theme park is very different than the traditional Disneyland or Six Flags experience. Universal Studios takes you behind the scenes into the movie making industry. Rides are themed after the world’s most successful movies, and you are able to take a back lot tour of real movie sets! The back lot tour is a must if you come to the park! It takes you through the real filming lots of movies that everyone loves such as Jaws and King Kong! There are plenty of shows, rides, and exhibits that will fill your day at Universal Studios! If you aren’t looking to pay for park admission, and you are in the mood to see a movie, have a good meal, or shop you are also in the right spot! Universal City Walk is an outdoor area with live performances, many great restaurants, a movie theater, and tons of shopping! The atmosphere is great for a fun night out! Next time you are trying to find an adrenaline fix, or experience a night out consider Universal Studios Hollywood!



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