Santa Monica Pier by H.Chisholm

5 Apr

Next time you have a free Friday night consider visiting the world famous Santa Monica Pier. Featured in movies, art, and things of that nature Santa Monica Pier is an LA Icon. I advise you to visit at night because the pretty lights are the best part! The ferris wheel lights up the ocean below with colors of every shade! The arcade games are sure to not let you leave without a prize, and the roller coaster is the climax of the thrill. Make sure you indulge in the sweet treats of a carnival, and spend some time simply walking along the pier over the pacific ocean! Not only, is it beautiful, but it is free to go to the pier! The individual rides and games will cost you a minimal fee, but the stroll on the pier is priceless! This is a great place to go on a first date, or to spend a night with a visiting friend! You are just steps from 3rd Street Promenade where you can spend the rest of the night shopping! Santa Monica Pier is located on Ocean Blvd. You can’t miss it! Enjoy the experience and feel like a child all over again!



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