Next Stop: Venice Beach by H. Chisholm

9 Apr


If you haven’t been to Venice Beach yet, you’re in luck! Venice Beach located just north of Marina Del Rey and south of Santa Monica is home to the wackiest people you will ever see. The Bohemian vibe fosters the artists soul & the nomadic lifestyle. Stroll down the boardwalk and you will run into the world’s tannest body builders, the craziest sales people, and just a few people who happen to be in their own little world. Not to mention, you are just steps from the sand and the beautiful beach! Venice is home to a very large homosexual community so you are sure to find someone ready to tell you everything you need to know! Every other store is a “green doctor” dispensing marijuana for “medical” purposes, but hey, if that’s your style more power to ya! Venice Beach is sure to supply you with the best people watching in all of LA, and you might just run into an a-list celebrity since so many choose to live in the Venice Canals. The canals are just a couple of blocks from the boardwalk, and they are a great, quiet place to enjoy a morning walk! If you are into all different types of architecture you should take a stroll along the canals just to see the amazing works of art people call their homes. Venice is also home to some really amazing cafes and book stores if you find yourself soul searching in this part of town. My favorite restaurant in Venice is C&O’s Trattoria at the very end of Washington Blvd off of Lincoln! It is right at the Venice Pier and offers the best Italian food in town with an authentic experience. The garlic balls that you are given when you are seated are sure to spoil your appetite for dinner because they are just too good, but the entrees are to die for! Some point during your dinner you will find yourself singing “That’s Amore” with your fellow diners! This restaurant is a good time and a good meal! Now, you have plenty of reasons to make a trip down to Venice Beach; Enjoy!



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