Shopping High Fashion by H.Chisholm

11 Apr


Rodeo Drive– 4th on the top ten list of things to see in Los Angeles. Just off the 405 at Wilshire you will run into the infamous Rodeo Drive. For us college students Rodeo Drive is the place to go to stroll along a beautiful street, window shop, and get a glimpse of your favorite celebrity. Most of leave Rodeo Drive without shopping bags full of clothes because the stores exceed our “poor college student” budget! Rodeo Drive is the world’s finest shopping. You will find Prada, Chanel, Fendi, and Gucci lined up to inspire your inner fashionista! You are sure to run into someone that is going to look familiar, but you probably only know them from the box office films! Last time I took a trip to Rodeo Drive I ran into (not literally) Resse Witherspoon and her daughter shopping, and yes, they had bags full of clothes in their hands! A day on Rodeo Drive is like transporting yourself onto 5th Avenue in New York City except there is sunshine and palm trees in LA! I highly suggest you take advantage of having this lovely destination so close, and it might only cost you your time and a little bit of gas! Rodeo Drive makes you feel elegant, and beautiful! Every girl is looking for a place where they can dress to impress, and this is the place to go! The paparazzi might even mistake you for an A-Lister! No matter what you will have a good time on Rodeo Drive, and you can tell all of your friends going to schools elsewhere that you shop where the real stars shop (even if you don’t buy anything but parking)!




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