Let’s Go To The Beach, Each Let’s Go Get Away by H.Chisholm

17 Apr


Ready to soak up the rays of summer, feel the sand between your toes, and the salt in your hair? It’s about that time when the beach is the main attraction in Los Angeles. WIth hundreds of beaches to choose from the possibilities are endless. My favorite beach to go to is Manhattan Beach. The city charges for parking with a two hour limit, but it is well worth when you experience the beach beneath the pier! Whenever I go to the beach I sit to the left or south of the pier! The area to the North of the pier is blocked off for surfing so if you are planning on going in the ocean you should choose the South side. The sand is so soft, and the waves (when they aren’t too big) are so fun to splash around in! You are just steps from the main streets in Manhattan if you want to grab a quick bite to eat as well! Another amazing beach in LA is the beach in Malibu. A short drive up Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1 will land you among some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world! Parking is free in Malibu, but you will have to find a tricky spot along the highway! You are likely to see some marine life when you are on the beach in Malibu, and you are sure to see some talented surfers to entertain you! A couple other choices are Hermosa Beach, Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Del Rey, and Redondo Beach. All vary in forms of parking, but you will find yourself in the Pacific Ocean no matter where you go!


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