Are You Coachella Ready? By V.Acosta

21 Apr


The one thing on everyone’s minds this last week is Coachella; therefore I saw it as my duty to let you know the hits and misses of the fashion trends for the music festival! From high-wasted shorts to all things lace and cropped, Coachella’s top 5 fashion trends are

  1. NEON. Anything you can find that’s tight and bright, you will find everyone wearing it at Coachella. These bright accessories give a pop to your outfit and make you summer ready in the blink of an eye!
  2. High-wasted shorts are a hot summer trend that is always a favorite of this music festival! If you don’t own a pair, buy at least one. This is one thing you can’t show up with out, it’s a Coachella staple!
  3. Crochet crop tops are a must, especially paired with a cute pair of denim shorts and many bright accessories! The latest infatuation is that which is cropped, thin and crochet. This is one of my personal favorite trends for Coachella this year!
  4. Bandeaus are a given for any girl who’s ever been to a music festival. For the days you’re feeling over your crop tops, reach for that super adorable almost top. Possibly a little scandalous for your everyday, but at Coachella it’s standard. Paired with high-wasted denim shorts and casual sandals, its makes the perfect Coachella ready outfit!
  5. The last must have trend for Coachella 2013 is a headband. This is the perfect final touch to your Coachella ready outfit! Small and simple but yet can truly make or break your outfit. I can’t get enough and give a huge thumb up to this returning fad!

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