Walk Along the Stars by H.Chisholm

26 Apr


When people think of LA they think of Hollywood and being a star! One awesome thing to do when you come to LA, or if you live in LA is to walk along the stars! This is a sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd. that serves as the Hollywood Hall of Fame! Movie stars and others in the industry are awarded a brass star along Hollywood Blvd. when they are inducted into the Hall of Fame. You can take guided tours through Hollywood, or you can choose to roam the streets on your own! You are sure to run into many characters, such as spiderman and batman who you can take pictures with and crack jokes with! Hollywood Blvd. is sure to be an entertaining afternoon to people watch, and maybe even get to see an A-Lister Celebrity!! Another awesome thing to do on Hollywood Blvd. is to visit The Kodak Theater and Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Both Theaters host premiers of movies and award shows reguarly, and you might even catch one going on when you are there! No matter what you will feel like you really are a part of the entertainment industry the second you step onto Hollywood Blvd. Another fun part of Hollywood Blvd. is the nightlife. The hot LA clubs are in Hollywood! You will have a mix of all different types of crowds, and tons of options! You will also get to see the crazies of LA. The people on Hollywood Blvd. come from all around the world, and you are bound to see some extravagant outfits and hairstyles! Get ready for a thrilling experience when you come to Hollywood Blvd., but it is a great experience! 





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