Diddy’s Delectable Desserts by V.Acosta

28 Apr


Need a place that you can get delicious desserts for next to nothing? Diddy Riese is a small cash only bakery located right off UCLA’s campus in Westwood. Favored by many students throughout the Los Angeles area, including UCLA, LMU and USC, this is only place that is delicious and unbelievably inexpensive! Open until midnight and only $.35 a cookie, it is the perfect place for a late night snack. Offering a variety of options from ice cream cookie sandwiches to brownies to Hawaiian shaved ice, Diddy Riese has it all! My personal favorite is the classical chocolate chip cookie sandwich with cookie dough ice cream. A little too boring of a dessert for your taste? No need to fret, the multitude of options and combinations of cookies, brownies and ice cream will sure to never disappoint your cravings. Whether you’re in need of a study break or just exploring Westwood, this is the perfect place to go. Every time you go there is a line out the door, but no need to feel discouraged, you’re almost always through within 5-10 minutes! (And trust me, it’s definitely worth the wait) This favorite place is an absolute must try if you’re within the Los Angeles neighborhood.


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