An All White Affair

29 Apr


Villa Blanca is the perfect mixture of elegance and class. Set to an all white background of feminine décor, this gorgeous restaurant is absolutely stunning. In addition to the superficial aspects, the food is incredibly delicious as well. I have never had something that was less than out standing! The head chef, Francis Dimitrius, makes the most amazing steak and seafood dishes. Located in Beverly Hills, next to the famous Rodeo Drive, the prices are a bit higher than your typical college cuisine. Though not an everyday restaurant for those on a budget, this is a great place for a special night out! Owned by the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, very own Lisa Vanderpump, Villa Blanca is a great place to run into your favorites from the show! I myself have run in to her twice, as well as Jiggy, Brandy and Ken. And even if you don’t know the show and just want some delicious food in a beautiful restaurant, this is the place for you! Equipped with live music and undeniably attractive wait staff, Villa Blanca is sure to become your new favorite restaurant! The next time you want to try a new, high-end place Villa Blanca is a definite must.


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