Cookie Central by H.Chisholm

29 Apr


Next time you find yourself in the Brentwood, Westwood, UCLA area make time for one stop. DIDDY RIESE!!!!!!!!! Located on Broxton Ave. is the greatest ice cream sandwich & cookie place in the world! You won’t miss it because there will be a line of fans along the sidewalk. Don’t be fooled, the line moves quick because of the efficiency of the employees! Diddy Riese is cash only, but the prices are unbelievable! A single cookie costs .35 cents while an individualized ice cream sandwich costs $1.75!!!! The second you walk in you can smell the cookies baking! When you order an ice cream sandwich you can pick from all of the different flavors of cookies, and then you get to choose what kind of Dreyer’s ice cream you want sandwiched in between! I kid you not, this is the BEST ice cream sandwich you will ever eat! Diddy Riese is in the college town that serves the UCLA student body so you are sure too see  tons of college aged kids roaming the streets which makes for a fun vibe. Westwood is a great place to get dinner & DESSERT, and spend the evening walking around in a fun environment! Don’t miss out on this sweet treat next time you are in town!!! 





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