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Just Vine It By V.Acosta

6 May



Tired of looking at pictures and not knowing exactly what all is happening in that moment? Well fret no more, there’s now a means to be able to see every scene up to and after that moment! Vine is a new social media sensation taking over the Los Angeles area. Started to keep in touch with your friends mundane activities, Vining is trending all over the west coast giving a new definition to the phrase #westcoastbestcoast. Love your Instagram? Perfect! Vine is definitely an application you shouldn’t be caught with out. A continuous feed of your friends’ short videos, Vine will always keep you on top of their social lives! The new form of stalking can give you a break from your routine Facebook or Twitter followings and mix it up while getting the same effective results. Only 7-second snippets, you can get a taste of what everyone is up to! Running on a constant loop, you can continue to watch these videos as many times as it takes to make you feel as though you were actually there. Videos ranging from your obese pets to your exciting everyday activities, you can share your oh so exciting college study schedule with anyone willing to watch! Definitely give Vine a try, if anything it’s sure to give you a good laugh.



Run and get that for me? By V.Acosta

5 May


Do you know a college student in that’s to stressed out about finals to worry about getting food or picking up their dry cleaning? Maybe you’re that person? Well lucky for you and your friends, there is a new, easy solution! Task Rabbit is a website on which you can list anything you need to be done for you from picking up your dinner to getting your car washed and people near you can respond to do your work for you! You can set these tasks at any price you deem it worthy and wait for someone to ask to run your errands. Why do the basic tasks everyone else has to do when you can just pay someone to do it for you? With a variety of locations you can now be lazy from all over the United States! With no start up fee and only a short survey to join, you’re items are surely guaranteed to be completely safe. Task Rabbit is a new website designed for those who just can’t seem to find the time in their schedule to do the smallest and simplest of tasks! If you don’t feel like interacting with the world, it’s ok, just post it on Task Rabbit!

Last Stop: The Zoo by H.Chisholm

1 May


You can’t visit LA or live in LA without taking advantage of our amazing zoo. Some say once you’ve been to one zoo you’ve seen them all, but that is false. The Los Angeles Zoo has so much to offer just outside of the city. The location is convenient to get to from all of the LA freeways. You are sure to make memories that will you far beyond your visit! You can learn a lot at a zoo, and see thousands of different species in one day! This is an opportunity that all should take advantage of especially because our zoo has so much to offer. There are many scheduled tours and shows throughout the day so gear up for a busy day at the zoo, but you can also leisurely peruse the zoo on your own time! The zoo is a fun time for all ages. They have exhibits just for young kids, and shows that adults can enjoy as well. Come see all of the amazing animals and plants at the Los Angeles Zoo

To find out more, and plan your trip visit the zoo’s website:

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