Just Vine It By V.Acosta

6 May



Tired of looking at pictures and not knowing exactly what all is happening in that moment? Well fret no more, there’s now a means to be able to see every scene up to and after that moment! Vine is a new social media sensation taking over the Los Angeles area. Started to keep in touch with your friends mundane activities, Vining is trending all over the west coast giving a new definition to the phrase #westcoastbestcoast. Love your Instagram? Perfect! Vine is definitely an application you shouldn’t be caught with out. A continuous feed of your friends’ short videos, Vine will always keep you on top of their social lives! The new form of stalking can give you a break from your routine Facebook or Twitter followings and mix it up while getting the same effective results. Only 7-second snippets, you can get a taste of what everyone is up to! Running on a constant loop, you can continue to watch these videos as many times as it takes to make you feel as though you were actually there. Videos ranging from your obese pets to your exciting everyday activities, you can share your oh so exciting college study schedule with anyone willing to watch! Definitely give Vine a try, if anything it’s sure to give you a good laugh.



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