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Just Vine It By V.Acosta

6 May



Tired of looking at pictures and not knowing exactly what all is happening in that moment? Well fret no more, there’s now a means to be able to see every scene up to and after that moment! Vine is a new social media sensation taking over the Los Angeles area. Started to keep in touch with your friends mundane activities, Vining is trending all over the west coast giving a new definition to the phrase #westcoastbestcoast. Love your Instagram? Perfect! Vine is definitely an application you shouldn’t be caught with out. A continuous feed of your friends’ short videos, Vine will always keep you on top of their social lives! The new form of stalking can give you a break from your routine Facebook or Twitter followings and mix it up while getting the same effective results. Only 7-second snippets, you can get a taste of what everyone is up to! Running on a constant loop, you can continue to watch these videos as many times as it takes to make you feel as though you were actually there. Videos ranging from your obese pets to your exciting everyday activities, you can share your oh so exciting college study schedule with anyone willing to watch! Definitely give Vine a try, if anything it’s sure to give you a good laugh.



Are You Coachella Ready? By V.Acosta

21 Apr


The one thing on everyone’s minds this last week is Coachella; therefore I saw it as my duty to let you know the hits and misses of the fashion trends for the music festival! From high-wasted shorts to all things lace and cropped, Coachella’s top 5 fashion trends are

  1. NEON. Anything you can find that’s tight and bright, you will find everyone wearing it at Coachella. These bright accessories give a pop to your outfit and make you summer ready in the blink of an eye!
  2. High-wasted shorts are a hot summer trend that is always a favorite of this music festival! If you don’t own a pair, buy at least one. This is one thing you can’t show up with out, it’s a Coachella staple!
  3. Crochet crop tops are a must, especially paired with a cute pair of denim shorts and many bright accessories! The latest infatuation is that which is cropped, thin and crochet. This is one of my personal favorite trends for Coachella this year!
  4. Bandeaus are a given for any girl who’s ever been to a music festival. For the days you’re feeling over your crop tops, reach for that super adorable almost top. Possibly a little scandalous for your everyday, but at Coachella it’s standard. Paired with high-wasted denim shorts and casual sandals, its makes the perfect Coachella ready outfit!
  5. The last must have trend for Coachella 2013 is a headband. This is the perfect final touch to your Coachella ready outfit! Small and simple but yet can truly make or break your outfit. I can’t get enough and give a huge thumb up to this returning fad!

Lakers, Lakers, Read All About Them By V.Acosta

14 Apr


Any huge sports fans in your family? If so, then you should definitely take in one of Los Angeles very own Lakers or Clippers basketball games. For a low cost and a high entertainment value, these games are a fun time for the whole family! All home games are held at the Staples Center, conveniently located in downtown. Being relatively close to an abundance of restaurants and shops, you could either grab a hot dog and popcorn at the game, or you could get there a little early and take in a dinner just around the corner!


If you’re willing to spend a little extra cash, you can even get admitted to the exclusive Hyde Lounge where you can sit down, have dinner and drinks while proceed to watch the game in style. Whether you are on a family outing or just hanging out with your friends, basketball games at the Staples center never seem to disappoint. My friends and I have deemed this open of our favorite things to do on the weekends; it gives a nice change of pace that everyone can enjoy! And with all of the different promotions, half-time activities and giveaways held throughout the game, even if you’re not with the largest sports fans in the house, you all will undoubtedly want to come back!

Disney Dash by V.Acosta

7 Apr


Though we’re writing about “LA” lifestyle, one of the main components is just a few miles outside of the Los Angeles boarders. One of the most popular places to visit is Disneyland! As a huge portion of my childhood, Disneyland is a place not only for me to go and have a good time with my friends but a place I can visit with my family as well. I have been traveling here for many years and it is one of my absolute most favorite places in the country. There are a variety of activities ranging from meeting the cartoon stars of your favorite film, to the abundance of rides and shops; I can’t get enough of this place! Located just 30 minute away from Loyola Marymount‘s campus, this particular hot spot is a place for college students as well as people from all walks of life. Fun, carefree and entertaining, Disneyland is a place for everyone to join together and have a great time! Disneyland is the one place I would recommend everyone I know to go and experience at least once in their lives. I promise to everyone it is an experience you must have once, if not many times in your life, and once you go you’ll never get enough!

Universal Studios by H.Chisholm

3 Apr

Just wanted to give you a little taste of an entertainment attraction that we love here in LA! Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park, but it also has the City Walk which is very fun! This theme park is very different than the traditional Disneyland or Six Flags experience. Universal Studios takes you behind the scenes into the movie making industry. Rides are themed after the world’s most successful movies, and you are able to take a back lot tour of real movie sets! The back lot tour is a must if you come to the park! It takes you through the real filming lots of movies that everyone loves such as Jaws and King Kong! There are plenty of shows, rides, and exhibits that will fill your day at Universal Studios! If you aren’t looking to pay for park admission, and you are in the mood to see a movie, have a good meal, or shop you are also in the right spot! Universal City Walk is an outdoor area with live performances, many great restaurants, a movie theater, and tons of shopping! The atmosphere is great for a fun night out! Next time you are trying to find an adrenaline fix, or experience a night out consider Universal Studios Hollywood!