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Run and get that for me? By V.Acosta

5 May


Do you know a college student in that’s to stressed out about finals to worry about getting food or picking up their dry cleaning? Maybe you’re that person? Well lucky for you and your friends, there is a new, easy solution! Task Rabbit is a website on which you can list anything you need to be done for you from picking up your dinner to getting your car washed and people near you can respond to do your work for you! You can set these tasks at any price you deem it worthy and wait for someone to ask to run your errands. Why do the basic tasks everyone else has to do when you can just pay someone to do it for you? With a variety of locations you can now be lazy from all over the United States! With no start up fee and only a short survey to join, you’re items are surely guaranteed to be completely safe. Task Rabbit is a new website designed for those who just can’t seem to find the time in their schedule to do the smallest and simplest of tasks! If you don’t feel like interacting with the world, it’s ok, just post it on Task Rabbit!


Are You Coachella Ready? By V.Acosta

21 Apr


The one thing on everyone’s minds this last week is Coachella; therefore I saw it as my duty to let you know the hits and misses of the fashion trends for the music festival! From high-wasted shorts to all things lace and cropped, Coachella’s top 5 fashion trends are

  1. NEON. Anything you can find that’s tight and bright, you will find everyone wearing it at Coachella. These bright accessories give a pop to your outfit and make you summer ready in the blink of an eye!
  2. High-wasted shorts are a hot summer trend that is always a favorite of this music festival! If you don’t own a pair, buy at least one. This is one thing you can’t show up with out, it’s a Coachella staple!
  3. Crochet crop tops are a must, especially paired with a cute pair of denim shorts and many bright accessories! The latest infatuation is that which is cropped, thin and crochet. This is one of my personal favorite trends for Coachella this year!
  4. Bandeaus are a given for any girl who’s ever been to a music festival. For the days you’re feeling over your crop tops, reach for that super adorable almost top. Possibly a little scandalous for your everyday, but at Coachella it’s standard. Paired with high-wasted denim shorts and casual sandals, its makes the perfect Coachella ready outfit!
  5. The last must have trend for Coachella 2013 is a headband. This is the perfect final touch to your Coachella ready outfit! Small and simple but yet can truly make or break your outfit. I can’t get enough and give a huge thumb up to this returning fad!

Leather, Get it Girl By V.Acosta

15 Apr

8958p1356563095938-b-0  Ciara looks a bit nippy in a short leather dress as she arrives at the Billboard Women In Music luncheon in NYC

Whether your’re searching for something sweet or sassy, a new luxe leather look in the trend for you. Springs hottest craze are the leather based ensembles you can dress up or down for whatever your LA lifestyle needs. Dress up a form-fitted piece with pumps and a chunky necklace and you’re ready for a night out with the girls or find a simple A-Line to wear with a cardigan and flats and you’re ready for a busy day. Whatever your schedule looks like, this trend is one that can work for any ones daily routine! Personally I am in love with this trend, I found a love for the burgundy skirt shown above. The cut of the material and the simplistic lines make this fun, flirty A-Line flattering on almost every figure! Found at not only can you rock this trend, you can do it with out having to spend crazy amounts of money! Leather is a trend that I see as more of a long lasting stap on the Los Angeles fashion industry, rather than something to quickly die out. This is one that I think we will be seeing a lot more of, especially through spring and summer. Found in almost any size, cut and color, leather ensembles are the hot new thing everyone should try!

Shopping High Fashion by H.Chisholm

11 Apr


Rodeo Drive– 4th on the top ten list of things to see in Los Angeles. Just off the 405 at Wilshire you will run into the infamous Rodeo Drive. For us college students Rodeo Drive is the place to go to stroll along a beautiful street, window shop, and get a glimpse of your favorite celebrity. Most of leave Rodeo Drive without shopping bags full of clothes because the stores exceed our “poor college student” budget! Rodeo Drive is the world’s finest shopping. You will find Prada, Chanel, Fendi, and Gucci lined up to inspire your inner fashionista! You are sure to run into someone that is going to look familiar, but you probably only know them from the box office films! Last time I took a trip to Rodeo Drive I ran into (not literally) Resse Witherspoon and her daughter shopping, and yes, they had bags full of clothes in their hands! A day on Rodeo Drive is like transporting yourself onto 5th Avenue in New York City except there is sunshine and palm trees in LA! I highly suggest you take advantage of having this lovely destination so close, and it might only cost you your time and a little bit of gas! Rodeo Drive makes you feel elegant, and beautiful! Every girl is looking for a place where they can dress to impress, and this is the place to go! The paparazzi might even mistake you for an A-Lister! No matter what you will have a good time on Rodeo Drive, and you can tell all of your friends going to schools elsewhere that you shop where the real stars shop (even if you don’t buy anything but parking)!



The Grove by V.Acosta

8 Apr


Looking for a fun and different place to take your friends that won’t break the bank? The Grove is the ideal place for you! My newly found obsession, located only 25 minutes away from LMU‘s campus, is a perfect place to get away for the day. With a variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment this is a location you can take anyone at any time of day! The places found here can range from extremely affordable to a little more high-end depending on the occasion. Not onlyare there many things to do, such as the abundance of shops or the movie theater located in the heart of the shopping center, it is a great spot to spot some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Home to the filming of Extra with Mario Lopez as well as the frequent shopping destination of your favorite A-listers, The Grove is an entertainment hot spot that I would recommend visiting at least once! This popular location can cost you as little as your time spent and as much as you are willing to pay; for college students on a budget to anyone looking for a fun day away from home, The Grove is the place to go!

Wedge Sneakers, Hit or Miss? By V. Acosta

31 Mar


One the most popular trends blossoming in Los Angeles within the last couple months is the wedged sneaker! Brightly colored and precisely stitched in a varieties of styles, this fashionable yet sensible footwear has swept over LA and becoming the most popular thing to wear. Found in many of my favorite stores, including Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and Aldo, this trend is one that everyone can’t seem to get enough of! Many household names such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Miranda Kerr have been spotted rocking these newly founded shoes. From A-List celebrities to college students, however, everyone seems to be getting in on this original and fun shoe whirlwind! A personal favorite pair of mine are the ones shown above by Steven Madden in the latest Spring 2013 collection. Sold at Nordstrom, not only are they chic and comfortable, they’re affordable too! I already own two pairs and am constantly searching for my next. They are super easy to dress up for a nice dinner or simple enough to dress down for just hanging out with some friends! If you’re looking for a way to keep in touch with some of the trends sweeping through L.A. right now, the wedged sneaker is the best way to start!

Shoppers Obsession by V. Acosta

24 Mar


For all the lady’s reading todays post, I wanted to focus today’s post on the lovely Santa Monica Promenade. In the heart of my favorite city, this shopping center is filled with a variety of stores ranging from Brandy Melville to Nordstrom to Forever 21, it has all of your shopping needs in one convenient place! In a perfect location over looking the ocean and famous Santa Monica Pier, this center is not only a place to shop but to hang out with friends, grab dinner at one of the many delicious restaurants and watch a stunning sunset as the day fades to night. At night the Promenade also has many entertaining facets such as two movie theaters, bars and a light up Ferris Wheel! As one who loves the beach and is an avid shopper, I always find myself enthralled with the shops and sights Santa Monica has to offer. Whether shopping with friends or on a date, the Promenade is one place that everyone will love!