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Run and get that for me? By V.Acosta

5 May


Do you know a college student in that’s to stressed out about finals to worry about getting food or picking up their dry cleaning? Maybe you’re that person? Well lucky for you and your friends, there is a new, easy solution! Task Rabbit is a website on which you can list anything you need to be done for you from picking up your dinner to getting your car washed and people near you can respond to do your work for you! You can set these tasks at any price you deem it worthy and wait for someone to ask to run your errands. Why do the basic tasks everyone else has to do when you can just pay someone to do it for you? With a variety of locations you can now be lazy from all over the United States! With no start up fee and only a short survey to join, you’re items are surely guaranteed to be completely safe. Task Rabbit is a new website designed for those who just can’t seem to find the time in their schedule to do the smallest and simplest of tasks! If you don’t feel like interacting with the world, it’s ok, just post it on Task Rabbit!


An All White Affair

29 Apr


Villa Blanca is the perfect mixture of elegance and class. Set to an all white background of feminine décor, this gorgeous restaurant is absolutely stunning. In addition to the superficial aspects, the food is incredibly delicious as well. I have never had something that was less than out standing! The head chef, Francis Dimitrius, makes the most amazing steak and seafood dishes. Located in Beverly Hills, next to the famous Rodeo Drive, the prices are a bit higher than your typical college cuisine. Though not an everyday restaurant for those on a budget, this is a great place for a special night out! Owned by the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, very own Lisa Vanderpump, Villa Blanca is a great place to run into your favorites from the show! I myself have run in to her twice, as well as Jiggy, Brandy and Ken. And even if you don’t know the show and just want some delicious food in a beautiful restaurant, this is the place for you! Equipped with live music and undeniably attractive wait staff, Villa Blanca is sure to become your new favorite restaurant! The next time you want to try a new, high-end place Villa Blanca is a definite must.

Diddy’s Delectable Desserts by V.Acosta

28 Apr


Need a place that you can get delicious desserts for next to nothing? Diddy Riese is a small cash only bakery located right off UCLA’s campus in Westwood. Favored by many students throughout the Los Angeles area, including UCLA, LMU and USC, this is only place that is delicious and unbelievably inexpensive! Open until midnight and only $.35 a cookie, it is the perfect place for a late night snack. Offering a variety of options from ice cream cookie sandwiches to brownies to Hawaiian shaved ice, Diddy Riese has it all! My personal favorite is the classical chocolate chip cookie sandwich with cookie dough ice cream. A little too boring of a dessert for your taste? No need to fret, the multitude of options and combinations of cookies, brownies and ice cream will sure to never disappoint your cravings. Whether you’re in need of a study break or just exploring Westwood, this is the perfect place to go. Every time you go there is a line out the door, but no need to feel discouraged, you’re almost always through within 5-10 minutes! (And trust me, it’s definitely worth the wait) This favorite place is an absolute must try if you’re within the Los Angeles neighborhood.

First Friday by H. Chisholm

1 Apr


FIrst off, Happy Easter to all! This coming Friday, April 5th, is the first Friday of the month! My favorite thing to do on the first Friday of every month is to celebrate by going down to Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach. The food trucks come out to celebrate around five o’clock! You will find every kind of juice, ice cream, cupcake, grilled cheese, taco, and potato that you could imagine and much more! The food is always amazing, and the environment is unbeatable. Abbott Kinney is a very “artsy” and “hipster” street in Venice Beach with plenty of stores to spark the creative side in you! Many of the stores stay open late, and some even have sales! The vibe of First Friday is unforgettable, and it is something everyone in Los Angeles should experience. Be sure to bring your patience as parking can be somewhat of a hassle, but it is well worth it! Hope to see you this Friday on Abbott Kinney!

Tempting Tries by V. Acosta

25 Mar

V&H’s Top 5 Eateries in Los Angeles:

  • There’s no better way to start off the weekend then with great food and good company! First Fridays on Abbott Kinney is one of my favorite places, occurring on the first Friday of every month and located in Venice, this is always an entertaining and delicious way to go.
  • If you don’t mind a bit of a drive, nothing can compare to the cupcakes and Ice cream combinations found at Sprinkles Cupcakes. Located in Beverly Hills off La Cienega Blvd. this bakery is quite the satisfying delight!
  • An all time favorite is Mendocino Farms. Having a variety of locations, in marina waterside shopping center, LMU students seem to love the organic sandwich market!
  • If you’re looking for reasonably priced delicious sushi, my new obsession is Hara Sushi in Santa Monica! Quaint and underrated this restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for a fun place that serves great food without swarms if people.
  • Last but not least, my personal favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner, would have to be Urth Cafe. This all-organic eatery has some of the best pastries and sandwiches I have tried in the Los Angeles area. Located in Santa Monica makes it close in proximity and being on a budget its one that won’t break the bank!

Yummy Eats of Manhattan Beach by H. Chisholm

20 Mar

For this post I would like to give you all a couple of really great food options for the next time you find yourself in Manhattan Beach. There is a new place on Manhattan Ave. called Paradise Bowls. The LMU Swimming team happens to be obsessed with it! It is a mix of acai and pataya bowls, and they also have a great smoothie menu! If you ever are feeling like a light, cold, fruity meal this should be your stop! The Kettle on Highland Ave. is our favorite spot for breakfast. Each meal comes with 2 of their freshly made muffins that are to die for! The menu is miles long and features too many options to choose from. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner 24 hours a day here at The Kettle so when in doubt stop at The Kettle! Lastly, I would like to tell you about The Creamery also located on Manhattan Ave! If you are in the mood for some homemade ice cream or chocolate covered bananas on a hot, beach day this is your place! You can also find some great cupcakes and lots of candy so stop in when you have a sweet tooth! All three of these places are just a couple blocks from the Manhattan Beach Pier!