Walk Along the Stars by H.Chisholm

26 Apr


When people think of LA they think of Hollywood and being a star! One awesome thing to do when you come to LA, or if you live in LA is to walk along the stars! This is a sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd. that serves as the Hollywood Hall of Fame! Movie stars and others in the industry are awarded a brass star along Hollywood Blvd. when they are inducted into the Hall of Fame. You can take guided tours through Hollywood, or you can choose to roam the streets on your own! You are sure to run into many characters, such as spiderman and batman who you can take pictures with and crack jokes with! Hollywood Blvd. is sure to be an entertaining afternoon to people watch, and maybe even get to see an A-Lister Celebrity!! Another awesome thing to do on Hollywood Blvd. is to visit The Kodak Theater and Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Both Theaters host premiers of movies and award shows reguarly, and you might even catch one going on when you are there! No matter what you will feel like you really are a part of the entertainment industry the second you step onto Hollywood Blvd. Another fun part of Hollywood Blvd. is the nightlife. The hot LA clubs are in Hollywood! You will have a mix of all different types of crowds, and tons of options! You will also get to see the crazies of LA. The people on Hollywood Blvd. come from all around the world, and you are bound to see some extravagant outfits and hairstyles! Get ready for a thrilling experience when you come to Hollywood Blvd., but it is a great experience! 





The Sky’s the Limit by H. Chisholm

24 Apr


Have you ever wondered if there is a place in Los Angeles where you can actually see the stars? The Griffith Observatory, located at the base of Mount Hollywood, is dedicated to sharing the complexities of the sky above us. One of the most famous observatories in the world is in our back yard believe it or not.This observatory is also the national leader in public astronomy, and it is owned and run by the City of Los Angeles. Fascinating to both astronomers, and regular college students it is a great experience. The observatory is an extra special place to visit when an eclipse is happening, but every night you will be able to look through telescopes and see the world above. The observatory is open Tuesday-Sunday and admission is always free. There are many different shows and exhibits that you can explore as well. The grounds are beautiful, and a perfect location for a first date. There are also many trails and walking paths around the observatory if you are looking to get away from the city and really explore nature. Next time you are pondering about the sky above plan a trip to the Griffith Observatory, and try and get there next time we have a solar eclipse. The view will leave you speechless, and you might even learn a thing or two about space. Imagine that! 




Time to get Pampered By V.Acosta

22 Apr


For all you girls out there, are you sick of having to have your haircut and colors, just to get it styled? Your hair worries are now over. Soon to come to Marina Del Rey is the Drybar, the official blow dry bar of California! Finally you will have a place to get your hair done without the tedious hours of waiting and excess hair damage. For only $35 you can get a variety of styles from pin straight to cover girl curls! Perfect for any occasion, the Drybar is your perfect solution for hair issues! With a multitude of locations throughout the United States, the Drybar is becoming one of the most popular salons and one of my personal favorites! I can’t get enough of the Mai-Tai blowout, a combination of body and beach waves. This casual yet sexy look is one that makes any hairstyle look glossy and gorgeous! Another personal favorite is the Manhattan; this sleek look is perfect for any night out with your girls. For all girls who want to get pampered without breaking the bank, this is definitely the way to go. Whenever you’re looking for a sexy new hairstyle, make sure to try out this new hot spot!

Are You Coachella Ready? By V.Acosta

21 Apr


The one thing on everyone’s minds this last week is Coachella; therefore I saw it as my duty to let you know the hits and misses of the fashion trends for the music festival! From high-wasted shorts to all things lace and cropped, Coachella’s top 5 fashion trends are

  1. NEON. Anything you can find that’s tight and bright, you will find everyone wearing it at Coachella. These bright accessories give a pop to your outfit and make you summer ready in the blink of an eye!
  2. High-wasted shorts are a hot summer trend that is always a favorite of this music festival! If you don’t own a pair, buy at least one. This is one thing you can’t show up with out, it’s a Coachella staple!
  3. Crochet crop tops are a must, especially paired with a cute pair of denim shorts and many bright accessories! The latest infatuation is that which is cropped, thin and crochet. This is one of my personal favorite trends for Coachella this year!
  4. Bandeaus are a given for any girl who’s ever been to a music festival. For the days you’re feeling over your crop tops, reach for that super adorable almost top. Possibly a little scandalous for your everyday, but at Coachella it’s standard. Paired with high-wasted denim shorts and casual sandals, its makes the perfect Coachella ready outfit!
  5. The last must have trend for Coachella 2013 is a headband. This is the perfect final touch to your Coachella ready outfit! Small and simple but yet can truly make or break your outfit. I can’t get enough and give a huge thumb up to this returning fad!

Feeling Artsy? by H.Chisholm

19 Apr


If you are interested in an amazing art museum or a spectacular view of Los Angeles you must visit the Getty Center. Located just north of Sunset Blvd. on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles you will find one of the most beautiful museums in the world. The architecture will take you breath away. The Getty was designed by an architect named Richard Meier. The art exhibits at The Getty could takes days to go through if seen with the respect they deserve, but it is also doable to glance at everything in a half a day. The restaurants and diners at The Getty are all marvelous. You will find everything from a quick bite at a cafeteria type setting to a five course meal at a five star restaurant with views that will take your breath away. The gardens at The Getty are a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. You will feel as if you have escaped the rush and smog of LA and elevated yourself to a new place of peace, thought, and tranquility. The fountains and artistry of the flowers are amazing, and the back drop of the Los Angeles sky line is unbelievable. On a clear day (which is most in LA) you will be able to see the coast line of Malibu with the Pacific Ocean and the skyscrapers of West LA and downtown LA. You can also catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign! An amazing back drop for pictures, this view is something everyone should take in. Something interesting about the Getty is you will park down below and ride a tram up the side of a cliff to make your way to the museum. You will not have to worry about finding parking because the parking garage will always have spots, and it is very safe. One of the best parts of The Getty is admission is always FREE! Another facet of The Getty is the Getty Villa located along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. This an extension of The Getty, and it is also free. The Getty Villa in Malibu is an educational center and museum dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria. Both The Getty Museum in Brentwood, and The Getty Villa provide an amazing experience, and are just around the corner no matter where you are in Los Angeles. Chanel you inner artist and visit both! Enjoy! 


The pools at the Getty Villa 


Let’s Go To The Beach, Each Let’s Go Get Away by H.Chisholm

17 Apr


Ready to soak up the rays of summer, feel the sand between your toes, and the salt in your hair? It’s about that time when the beach is the main attraction in Los Angeles. WIth hundreds of beaches to choose from the possibilities are endless. My favorite beach to go to is Manhattan Beach. The city charges for parking with a two hour limit, but it is well worth when you experience the beach beneath the pier! Whenever I go to the beach I sit to the left or south of the pier! The area to the North of the pier is blocked off for surfing so if you are planning on going in the ocean you should choose the South side. The sand is so soft, and the waves (when they aren’t too big) are so fun to splash around in! You are just steps from the main streets in Manhattan if you want to grab a quick bite to eat as well! Another amazing beach in LA is the beach in Malibu. A short drive up Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1 will land you among some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world! Parking is free in Malibu, but you will have to find a tricky spot along the highway! You are likely to see some marine life when you are on the beach in Malibu, and you are sure to see some talented surfers to entertain you! A couple other choices are Hermosa Beach, Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Del Rey, and Redondo Beach. All vary in forms of parking, but you will find yourself in the Pacific Ocean no matter where you go!

Leather, Get it Girl By V.Acosta

15 Apr

8958p1356563095938-b-0  Ciara looks a bit nippy in a short leather dress as she arrives at the Billboard Women In Music luncheon in NYC

Whether your’re searching for something sweet or sassy, a new luxe leather look in the trend for you. Springs hottest craze are the leather based ensembles you can dress up or down for whatever your LA lifestyle needs. Dress up a form-fitted piece with pumps and a chunky necklace and you’re ready for a night out with the girls or find a simple A-Line to wear with a cardigan and flats and you’re ready for a busy day. Whatever your schedule looks like, this trend is one that can work for any ones daily routine! Personally I am in love with this trend, I found a love for the burgundy skirt shown above. The cut of the material and the simplistic lines make this fun, flirty A-Line flattering on almost every figure! Found at thisfind.com not only can you rock this trend, you can do it with out having to spend crazy amounts of money! Leather is a trend that I see as more of a long lasting stap on the Los Angeles fashion industry, rather than something to quickly die out. This is one that I think we will be seeing a lot more of, especially through spring and summer. Found in almost any size, cut and color, leather ensembles are the hot new thing everyone should try!